The venerable Dr. Meshack Trevor Mariri

Archdeacon to the Ordinary


Garsfontein, Pretoria East Archdeaconry






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The Venerable Dr L Meshack T Mariri was born and lived with his parents in Kwa-Ratsiepane (a rural area north of Mabopane, and west of Hammanskraal), and he is the second of four brothers. He did his schooling in Kwa-Ratsiepane until Standard 2 (Grade 4). He then moved to live with his maternal grandmother following his grandfather's death in Mabopane. He continued his schooling there until he matriculated.


All the while he had been a server in the church then a lay minister.  He subsequently joined the Fellowship of Vocation (FOV) in the Diocese in 1991. As of 1993 he was a parish councilor at Christ the King, Mabopane. He went on to serve the parish as a churchwarden for three terms. He then moved to the Cathedral Parish where he was the Cathedral Verger, Sacristan and Lay Minister. He also served on Cathedral parish council. For the years at the Cathedral before and after Ordination to Diaconate, he was also the Bishop’s Chaplain.


A After the first stint at the Cathedral, he left to study and further formation at the College Of The Transfiguration (COTT) – ACSA’s theological college. During his time at seminar he was exposed to Desert Spirituality through contact with the Benedictine Monks (Anglican) of the Order of the Holy Cross (OHC), and consequently became an Associate of OHC.  Fr Meshack was ordained to Holy Orders as a Deacon in 1993 (December) together with the Revd Prof Steve Verryn, who also serves at Corpus Christi. He served his first curacy at the Cathedral Parish of St Alban the Martyr, while the first Bishop of Mpumalanga, the late Rt Revd Les Walker, was still Dean, and then also under  his successor, the former Rector of COTT, the Revd Canon Prof Barney Pityana whilst acting Dean. He then moved to St Peter’s, Ga-Rankuwa for his second curacy under the Venerable Palo E. Thabane.


In July 1995, Fr Meshack was ordained a priest and became Priest-in-charge of St Philip the Deacon, Ga-Rankuwa. He then moved to St Barnabas with Winterveldt Mission District and St Patrick as Rector and was there for five years. During his time there he was made Archdeacon of Magaliesburg, the second biggest Archdeaconry in the Diocese after Rustenburg.

He has served as the Acting Archdeacon of Tshwane-Bokone (January - 2014 to January 2015). He was acting as Chaplain of St Alban’s College for Boys in 2015. He was the Archdeacon to the Ordinary (2014-2016) and beginning of 2017 was appointed Archdeacon of Pretoria East.

Other Ministries & Involvement [All in the Anglican Diocese of Pretoria - ACSA]

  1. Diocesan Chaplain of the St. Lawrence Servers Guild - 2003 December to Present.
  2. Diocesan Stewardship Coordinator - 2010 to 2014 (Feb).
  3. Diocesan Training for Ministry Coordinator - February 2013 to date.
  4. Represented ACSA at 11th Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) in Burundi 2012.
  5. Elected at 2013 ACSA Provincial Synod to serve on the ACSA Canon Law Council until 2016 ACSA Provincial Synod.
  6. As Archdeacon, Fr Meshack serves on the following Governing Boards: the Pretoria Diocesan Board of Finance; Pretoria Diocesan Board of Trustees; Pretoria Diocesan Board of Tumelong Mission & Development;
  7. Elected at Diocesan Synod to represent the Diocese at St Albans College Council 2014 to 2017 Diocesan Synod.

Involvement in youth ministry at the Diocesan level between 1993 & 1999, during which served as:

  • Diocesan Youth Chairperson; Diocesan Youth Secretary; Diocesan Youth Deputy Chairperson.
  •  Member of the Diocesan Servers Guild Executive of 1995.
  •  From 1995 to 1996 (April) > Diocesan Assistant Secretary of the Guild of Bernard Mizeki.
  •  Represented Diocesan Youth Council at Diocesan Standing Committee > 1993 - 1996.
  •  Electoral Advisory Committee member of the Diocesan Elective Assembly in 1998 to 2000(JUN).
  •  Served on the Diocesan Millennium Steering Committee of 1999-2000.


He has since been able, by the grace and mercy of God, to attain the following academic qualifications:

  • University of Pretoria > BTh Honours (with Distinction) [Practical Theology];
  • University of Pretoria >MA in Theology [Practical Theology]
  • HOPE Africa/Faranani with University of Kwazulu-Natal > Poverty and Development Course.
  • University of Pretoria > PhD in Practical Theology


I am married to Kgaogelo Sanna Charmaine, a senior Travel Advisor at Travel With Flair (TWF) and have been blessed with a son, Otlotleng Christian Dimakatso.