Mrs. Cheryl Rogers


Parish Administrator, Cheryl Rogers, began her tenure with Corpus Christi Anglican church in August of 2009. She had previously held the position of parish administrator at Christ Church Arcadia, another Anglican parish in the Pretoria Diocese. She and her husband, Donovan, were actually married in the Parish of Corpus Christi over 25 years ago. Both of their children, girls Catherine and Samantha, were christened in Corpus Christi before they decided on a change in their church of choice, and moved to the parish of Christ Church Arcadia. They would spend the next 14 to 15 years serving at Christ Church. Cheryl initially served as a sacristan under the leadership of her mother (Mrs. Yvonne Howell, a founder member of Corpus Christi Garsfontein), and later led the sacristans group, while her husband became a lay minister and also assisted with Sunday School. Both children were active in Sunday School and also as altar servers. In 2009, they each felt a restlessness in their worship and cast about for where they would next be led.

The position of parish administrator became vacant at the parish of Corpus Christi & Cheryl successfully applied for the position, and so the Rogers family once again found themselves at the quaint farm-parish church of Corpus Christi, where their joint walk in the faith had begun with their marriage. It seemed that they had come full circle. In this respect, it also helped that the church was not only close to their hearts, but also close to where they had chosen to live some years prior to this. Getting to the parish office each day is a relatively simple matter for Cheryl. Her experience in the role of Parish Administrator has been gained purely "on the job", as she is formally trained as a food sciences lecturer, and she previously worked in a professional capacity for a number of years at Pretoria Technikon (subsequently, the Tshwane University of Technology or TUT). Cheryl works hard to keep the parish administrative aspects in place and up-to-date, while co-ordinating a great many other aspects of parish life. 


CORPUS CHRISTI Parish Office hours are from 08.00am to 01.00pm, Monday to Friday

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